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What do some of the greatest and most prominent entrepreneurs and companies have in common? I’ll give you a few clues:

  • Amazon solves our need for a convenient delivery service whereby goods are delivered straight to our door
  • Tesla solves our need for a cool-looking electrical car that will help save the environment
  • Walmart solves our need for an all-in-one store where almost everything you need to buy in your weekly shop is all in one place

In case you hadn’t gotten the gist by now, the greatest entrepreneurs and companies around us SOLVE PROBLEMS.

This theory underpins the key…

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Picture this just for a second:

You are sat on the beach chilling. You have your laptop on your lap and you are working on your blog.

You look at the sales statistics for your course and it is at six figures. You have been doing this consistently for a few years now and you are a millionaire! You have a large email list of fans to boot and they are all hungry for your next product.

Sounds like a scam, right?

Well, sadly people have been using this dream of ‘six-figure blogging’ or ‘financial freedom’ and ‘get rich quick…

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After writing on this platform for only a month or so, I’d never thought I say it. But guess what:

I reached 400 followers


But along the way, I learnt a few key lessons that made a huge difference to my performance and my earnings.

I believe that there are a few key lessons that you need to be aware of in order to properly succeed on Medium!

Once you have these lessons under your belt, you will be good to go.

I hope this article will help you and I hope you take something away from it.

Lesson #1: Building up an Audience Takes Time

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Photo by Daniel Jericó on Unsplash

As I have mentioned before and as many other photographers have mentioned before, the ISO levels in your photos can impact how your photos turn out.

In this article I wanted to share my thoughts with you about why shooting at ISO 100 is one of the best things you can do in most lighting scenarios.

I will also offer you some tips at the end on how you can use ISO to your advantage, too.

So look out for that!

If you are unsure about what ISO is or if you are a beginner photographer, I suggest you have…

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Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

At some point in our lives, we are all going to need to use an image.

For presentations, research projects, schoolwork and inspiration, we are all going to use and interact with images in our daily lives.

But what if you can’t take your own images and you do not want to shell out on a hefty subscription to a stock photography website like Shutterstock?

You can’t just use any image you stumble upon on google images. After all, that would be a copyright violation.

Well, the good news is that there is an alternative option. Royalty-free stock image sites.

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Photo by Camille Minouflet on Unsplash

One of the greatest struggles you can have as a beginner photographer is being able to get your head around how the manual mode works.

You’ve no doubt heard about how amazing it is and how fully understanding it can transform your photos. But, whenever you take a look at an article telling you about ISO, you are left bewildered.

The article is going in-depth about the science of ISO but all you want to know is how you can apply it to your own photos.

This article will solve that problem. It sums up everything you need to know…

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Photo by Christina Rumpf on Unsplash

When I started my photography blog, I initially struggled to pick out the colours and style for my branding.

PS: I will be mentioning my website a lot throughout this article. If you want to see how I incorporated the colours for yourself, check out my website Photoaspire here

It felt so difficult and I felt overwhelmed by the choices of colour that I could incorporate into my website design.

So, I spent a few hours looking at other photography websites within my niche and I started to get some ideas forming together.

I observed that many of the top…

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Photo by Simone Hutsch on Unsplash

Very recently I have launched my new photography blog, Photoaspire. It was all very exciting and the process of setting everything up was very fun, too.

Registering the domain, deciding what posts to publish and designing the website were all very important to me.

But what stood out to me the most was how powerful the colours you use in your branding can be.

When deciding on the colour scheme for my new photography website I wanted to pick a primary colour, an accent colur and white as a third colour so I could have a considerable amount of white…

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Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

What if I tell you that you do not need a fancy DSLR camera to get started in the world of photography? What if all you need is you and your smartphone?

Yes, that is right! As long as you have an iPhone or Android phone that was made in recent years, you will be able to start shooting amazing pictures straight away.

Introducing iPhone Photography School. This website has it all if you are looking to take your iPhone photos up a notch:

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Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

If you’re a newbie photographer and you’ve only recently started taking snaps of things, you may feel overwhelmed by the different types of photography that are out there.

From portrait photography to product photography to even old-school film photography, there is an exciting array of photography categories you can dive into.

But which ones should I master and play around with first? Which one is the most profitable and could any of these types of photography kickstart your side-hustle or even career?

Read on to find out!

Portrait Photography

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