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So I'm back with another income and progress report for you. This time I have now been writing on Medium for around 4 months. Since then I have been consistently writing up articles and I have been amazed at the Medium platform overall.

Medium has exceeded my expectations. It is a fun, creative platform that allows you to draft, edit and submit articles with ease.

The editor is simple to use and it removes unnecessary distractions, allowing you to write easier.

The earnings have been decent too and I find the Medium Partner Program to be very handy as it…

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Yes, the title is right and no, it’s not clickbait.

To be a successful entrepreneur you need to not only work hard but also work smart.

You no doubt work hard at your 9–5 job, but it’s not getting you to financial freedom to become a millionaire.

This is because you need to not only use your time to earn money immediately but you also need to plan for the long-term.

When you work a 9–5 job, you are trading your time for cash

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If you are looking for a photography project that will keep you motivated, accountable and on track, you may want to give this project a try.

I call it the Four Seasons and I think it is a project that you will enjoy. The theory behind it is simple however you will need to take a few points into consideration before plunging headfirst into your photoshoots.

So, what do you do as part of this project then?

Simple: You go to a place, do a photoshoot in one season, and then return to that same place for the other three…

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For me, these past few months have been very exciting. I have recently started a photography blog and written on a regular basis for Medium now. All while managing exams and revising.

Throughout my life, I have been obsessed with entrepreneurship and making money by running businesses and chasing exciting entrepreneurial pursuits.

Now I have started to be able to make that a reality. How? Via passive income.

Passive Income is a way of making a regular income without any immediate effort from you. This means you do not need to trade your time and effort for cash.

It is…

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When Apple was founded, it transformed the way we thought about consumer technology.

When Steve Jobs started the enterprise he kept creativity and innovation at the very core of the values of the company.

Almost 50 years later these very same core values dictate the design and setup of all of their products.

After analyzing this I found some key lessons we can all learn from Apple and co. regarding how companies should design their products and the overall experience that encompasses this.

Lesson 1: Less is more

For a very long time companies never spent any time trying to make consumer gadgets easy to…

My Medium Journey

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So. It’s been about 60 days since I have started writing for this platform.

I started writing in late December and safe to say it has been a great experience so far.

The Medium platform as a whole is amazing. It is sleek, puts the reader at the forefront and the writing editor makes it a cinch to produce articles.

This had made writing for the platform a fun and enjoyable experience and thanks to this I will be intending to write for Medium long-term.

Within the last 60-ish days I have been able to write 31 articles and have…

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What do some of the greatest and most prominent entrepreneurs and companies have in common? I’ll give you a few clues:

  • Amazon solves our need for a convenient delivery service whereby goods are delivered straight to our door
  • Tesla solves our need for a cool-looking electrical car that will help save the environment
  • Walmart solves our need for an all-in-one store where almost everything you need to buy in your weekly shop is all in one place

In case you hadn’t gotten the gist by now, the greatest entrepreneurs and companies around us SOLVE PROBLEMS.

This theory underpins the key…

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Picture this just for a second:

You are sat on the beach chilling. You have your laptop on your lap and you are working on your blog.

You look at the sales statistics for your course and it is at six figures. You have been doing this consistently for a few years now and you are a millionaire! You have a large email list of fans to boot and they are all hungry for your next product.

Sounds like a scam, right?

Well, sadly people have been using this dream of ‘six-figure blogging’ or ‘financial freedom’ and ‘get rich quick…

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After writing on this platform for only a month or so, I’d never thought I say it. But guess what:

I reached 400 followers


But along the way, I learnt a few key lessons that made a huge difference to my performance and my earnings.

I believe that there are a few key lessons that you need to be aware of in order to properly succeed on Medium!

Once you have these lessons under your belt, you will be good to go.

I hope this article will help you and I hope you take something away from it.

Lesson #1: Building up an Audience Takes Time

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As I have mentioned before and as many other photographers have mentioned before, the ISO levels in your photos can impact how your photos turn out.

In this article I wanted to share my thoughts with you about why shooting at ISO 100 is one of the best things you can do in most lighting scenarios.

I will also offer you some tips at the end on how you can use ISO to your advantage, too.

So look out for that!

If you are unsure about what ISO is or if you are a beginner photographer, I suggest you have…

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